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FreeOutcast is a FANBASED mod of the original Outcast game from 1999.


FreeOutcast is a FANBASED mod of the original Outcast game from 1999. It IS NOT THE REAL Outcast Reboot HD that is going on by Fresh3D. This is my own PERSONAL WORK  FANBASED Outcast game that will be available for everyone to play for free when it is done ! PLEASE DO NOT get confused with me being one of the original creators of the Outcast game because I am NOT. And I am not on the Fresh3D team or one of the original creators ! I am doing this ALL FOR FUN by myself and I am not one of the original creators of the Outcast game ! Franck Sauer one of the original Outcast creators has given me permission to make this FAN BASED Outcast game.
Hopefully all this will bring more attention to the Outcast game series that needs to stay alive !

Here is the first gameplay footage of FreeOutcast:

The original Outcast game from 1999 is one of my favorite games of all time.

I even made a techno song and this music video for it ! See it here:

Download my Outcast Promo song for free here:

Outcast Promo.mp3 download it by right clicking on it and save as

Get the new Outcast v1.1 !  Let’s keep the Outcast game alive !

click here to get it

It’s also on Steam GreenLight found here:…

More info about the OUTCAST game can be found here :…

and here:…

Buy the original game here:

Beautiful Essence is being made !

May 3 , 2014 : The FreeOutcast Demo is done !

OK ! This robot is done now ! I can now let all the springs and coils go flying out of me as I can now relax !

Pressure is off and my job is done after working on this tiny demo for a month ! I know it’s a tiny

demo but at least it is a start ! I have reached my goal to get it done before the Outcast Reboot HD kickstarter

project ends ! Yay ! So without further ado here is the download link :

FreeOutcast Demo


OR here from the Mod DB website: FreeOutcast

Here is the newest gameplay video of the FreeOutcast Demo:

Here are some ingame screenshots ! Click on them to enlarge them !

FreeOutcast mainmenu
FO10 FO2

June 12 , 2014 : The FreeOutcast Demo Version 2 is done !

So a month later finds us with FreeOutcast Demo Version 2 ! This one has the Ranzaar region made in a different

kind of way by me ! I added a new computer assisted radar system with the same voice as the original Outcast along

with a new 3d model Talan that I made , a full weapon set, one quest, one merchant shop and some hidden goodies !

I even added my first orchestral classic song that I have ever made into it ! Below are some screenshots of the new

FreeOutcast demo ! Click on them to enlarge them ! The FreeOutcast Demo version 2 download is down below !

FreeOutcast Demo PC 49FreeOutcast Demo PC 94

FreeOutcast Demo PC 20FreeOutcast Demo PC 58FreeOutcast Demo PC 32FreeOutcast Demo PC1

Download the FreeOutcast Demo version 2 here:
From Demo version 2

OR from
FreeOutcast DemoV2